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Travel Information

To Dominica From UK and Europe
To Dominica From North America
Car Rental and Ground Transportation in Dominica

Getting to Dominica has never been easier or more affordable! Now, more flights and lower airfares give visitors more choices and greater value. Whether you use a travel agent or prefer to arrange your own flight through an online travel site such as Expedia, Travelocity, or DestiNETion, you will discover that traveling to Dominica is now comparable to other popular Caribbean destinations.

Dominica has two airports, Melville Hall Airport on the north east coast and Canefield Airport on the south west coast, just to the north of the Capital, Roseau. Neither is an international airport, although Melville Hall Airport has the longer runway and can accommodate medium sized planes. The connecting leg of your journey will be on one of the inter-island carriers, from either San Juan in Puerto Rico or from one of the neighboring islands, Guadeloupe or Antigua to the north and Martinique or St. Lucia to the south. St. Maarten to the north and Barbados and Grenada to the south serve as Eastern Caribbean hubs.

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Getting here from UK and Europe

There are regular fights from Gatwick to our neighbours, Antigua and St. Lucia with British Airways, Britannia, Caledonia and Virgin. Dominica is 4 hours behind GMT (5 hours behind BST). Your connecting flight is usually arranged on Air Liat or Caribbean Star and takes only 35 minutes. The other option is to fly from either Orly or Charles De Gaul Airports in Paris to our nearest neighbouring islands, Guadeloupe or Martinique, which remain territories of France. Consequently these are regarded as domestic flights and are often cheaper than those from London. Air France and various charters fly regularly, also giving you the opportunity to do some duty free shopping in France on your return.
Paris is also a main point of departure for visitors from elsewhere in EUROPE. Depending on your arrival/ departure times from either Guadeloupe or Martinique you may prefer, instead of flying, to take the fast catamaran ferry to Dominica (max. sailing time 1hr. 45min). Even though Barbados is a little further away, there are often very cheap excursion flights offered in the UK. Due to a weakening of the US$, over the past year, your £'s or €'s will now go much further.

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Getting here from North America:

The most frequent route used by visitors from the USA is on American Airlines via San Juan (their 'HUB' for the Caribbean) and their subsidiary, American Eagle. The cost of flight tickets for this option, however, can vary tremendously, depending on the time of year and how far ahead you book - AA policy seems to be to increase the fares as the number of seats available on any particular flight diminishes, so the earlier you book the better. Another popular option for Midwest and eastern USA travelers is to fly AA through Miami to St. Maarten and then to Dominica via Air Liat or Caribbean Star. As landing and take-off times at Dominica's airports are currently still limited to daylight hours, connecting times from some western States may necessitate an overnight stopover in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Air Canada has regular direct flights from Montreal to our nearest neighbours, Guadeloupe or Martinique (you can connect from Toronto at no extra cost). There are also direct flights from Toronto to Antigua from where your connecting flight is usually arranged on Air Liat or Caribbean Star and takes only 35 minutes.

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Car Rental & Ground Transportation:

Most visitors choose to lease a vehicle for some, if not all of their Dominica vacation. We recommend that you consider doing the same. Though the island is only 29 miles by 16 miles 'as the crow flies', distance here is deceptive and the island feels much larger. Winding and narrow roads over mountainous terrain require that you take your time in driving even modest distances. Brand name and local rental car companies can provide you with late-model, air-conditioned vehicles that are appropriate for intended destinations on the island. Visitors who plan on driving off the main roads should ask for SUV's because such vehicles will have higher carriages and four-wheel drive. It is wise to accept the leasing companies offer to provide additional insurance. Mini-buses, taxis, and tour guides can be arranged for your guided tours to our island attractions. We will be glad to provide transportation recommendations and arrangements at your request. A temporary Dominican driver's license may be obtained at the airport for approximately $12 USD or $30 EC.

For vehicle rental information contact any of the following via email:

Best Deal Rent-A-Car bestdeal@cwdom.dm
Island Car Rental islandcar@cwdom.dm
Bonus Car Rental cphillip@cwdom.dm.

Younis Taxi Service, $60.00(USD) per person, round trip, Melville Hall airport to Exotica

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